Monday, January 23, 2012

The Right to Migrate... Security

There's a lot of people moving around.

The U.N. refugee agency, the UNHCR, documents 33.9 million persons as refugees---
10.5 million refugees are of immediate concern to the UNHCR (2011).
26 million people were internally displaced (within their own country).
Half of all these numbers are children.
These people are statistical numbers---
only estimates that are hard to collect.

These migrating people seek refuge.
The need to migrate is about security.
Centuries ago, cave people had to migrate due to basic survival needs
like food and water, or to escape enemies.
21st century people still migrate for these same reasons.

Migrating to safety, crossing bridges, borders, and even blog margins.
 Safety means security.

Two examples.
1) In 2011, escaping Somalians crossed, by foot or donkey cart,
into eastern Ethiopia or Kenya
to flee the drought-hit dry, cracked land of Somalia.

2) In Latin America, Colombia has the most fleeing refugees,
escaping from those who want to harm them,
numbering around 4 million people.

Migration supports the greater basic need: 
the Right to Security.
Migration is one of the 9 rights
found in the Sky of Stars constellation for Basic Survival Rights.

People just want to be safe and free.

The irony is that, often, the refugee moving into
another country threatens the Right to Security of the native citizen,
by a perceived threat to jobs, food, and other needs,
as well as an actual or perceived increase in crime.
Studies show, however, that refugees do not actually
take jobs from citizens, and actually increase the productivity,
innovation, and biodiversity of their adopted country.

Revision:  thanks to commenter SKT.


Anonymous said...

Migration has been occurring since bible times. It is our humanistic nature to fight for survival. Our right to defend ourselves from anything or anyone threatening our life, or that of our love ones is instincts. However, it is a crime that living in modern society today with advanced technology we misplace our children that are defenseless and vulnerable. Perhaps its due to lack of resources, compassion for our neighbor, or being unaware of the world around us. Whatever the case may be we should aid anyone refugee or not in need.-YEM

SKT said...

Migration like all things, have its positives and it's negatives. People from 3rd world country hear "America, land of the free" and have in there minds set that they want to move there families to America for freedom and opportunity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to better yourself just as if you want to move from one house to another. Maybe the neighborhood is better, maybe its closer to your family. What ever the case may be you did it to better yourself. Sometimes a lot of people who migrate think they can still do the things they did in there country in America. There's new rules people have to abide by. Many people who migrate will do anything as (kill,rob,steal,sell drugs, etc.) to have food on the table, money income, and security for them and there families. People want to be safe and not have to worry about struggle. Anywhere in the world including America you have to work to get what you want and you also have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the country. With safety comes compromise. -SKT

Anonymous said...

For any species, migration is the process of moving from one place to another. I'm still waiting for my 25 year old daughter to migrate.-BRM

Anonymous said...

Migration for the purpose of security is most logical. There are two important reactions when something or someone threatens us: flight or fight. Those strong enough to fight stay and seek resolution. Those whom have a lot to lose, such as children, loved ones, choose to look for a more secure environment. At all times we assess risks, for most, their life is not worth risking. Migration is inevitable because those with scarce basic needs such as water, or food provisions have the same needs to move as those whose lives are threatened. ALB

Anonymous said...

As human beings we have the right to better our lives opportunities. We migrate to get away from the bad, so we can better our future. Families migrate to help better their children’s future, because they are the future of our new generation.

RCW said...

Many times refugees are blamed for the difficulty of American citizens receiving good paying jobs. They are seen as taking away the jobs for accepting lower wages. I'm glad this post voices the the different aspect that it contributes to the country's they reside in. Accepting them rather than segregating them can lead to a communalitive stand and build of their communities.

Anonymous said...

I believe that everyone has the right to migrate. Migration occurs for numerous reasons. For what ever the reason they have a right to move and better themselves or plain and simple survive. Even though it has gotten harder to move around but as a migrant they do face the troubles of the land they are going to. Eve nthough most places that have a big problem their neighbors will accept them and provide them a safe haven from the trobles of their home. So yes I do agree with the fact that everyone has the right to migrate. - JPG

Anonymous said...

I understand how the native citizens would feel threatened by the refugees but they have to see it from the others point of view. If those citizens feel uncomfortable they have to imagine how uncomfortable someone who doesn’t know the language, politics, system, streets and laws feel compared to them.

Anonymous said...

Migration is transition, transition from harm’s way to safety, starvation to nourishment, homelessness to dwelling, and from death to survival. Refugees and immigrants don’t leave what they know, their culture, family, friends, and home for the unknown without a reason. I come from a family of immigrants and refugees, survivors and protectors, field workers and executives, and contributors to their new home country. I am a first generation United States American and thanks to the sacrifices of my immigrant and refugee family members I have the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and give value to their sacrifices. For those that have come before and those that will continue migrating, your sacrifices have worth. T.L.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the right to Everybody should have the right to find security or migrate to better their future. However, migration has both positive and negative aspect. Work becomes more efficient but crimes increases and the security of others is threatened.

Mr.Drama said...

To prosper, we must migrate.
Humans are naturally full of curiosity. It would make sense for a migration to occur among many civilizations. There are other reasoning’s behind migration; Hunger, safety or any described in your post aren’t the only factors, but to discover new life. Space exploration is a perfect example; the constant repetition of space flight shows that we cannot stay in one place forever, we are curious, Migration is inevitable. We have a hunger to discover new things on which to survive off of.
This basic instinct Lingers in the mind of us all. To Discover is what helps us aspire.

Anonymous said...

Migration is one the basic elements for an interconnected world. Through migration is possible to get to know different cultures which in the appropriate use can enrich our own culture and society.

Fidela said...

According to international laws, there is a right to migrate legally to other countries as refugees during times of war and also for political and economic (famine) reasons. Political asylum is granted to those refugees upon request. There are about 192 million people living outside their place of birth (IOM). Modern technology has contributed enormously to motivate individuals to move. Those with low income can see the wide disparity of their low standard of living vs others higher standard of living, motivating them to migrate. Irregular migration has become a major issue in the 21st Century by drug and human trafficking. "Few countries manage migration effectively."(IOM) Switzerland is one of the few countries that has a defined migration policy applied to those that migrate from their countries. As a result, their immigration laws are managed effectively. Fidela

Bruna said...

People migrate because they feel that their life is threatened, new opportunities, to experience different life style, or because they are not happy where they are. Another reason could be that people migrate looking for meaning to their lives, looking for fertile ground to achieve spiritual, emotional and material levels, in order to feel complete.

Anonymous said...

At the wake of every night a deep sadness develops in my mind.It is made of wonder and panic of how life is hard and oh so short.The right to migrate makes these moments not only memorable but bearable.When things turn dangerous being able to leave and find a place with more safety and happiness makes me feel like I dont have to give up. Can you imagine having all your limbs removed? You would not be able to steer your dreams.The right to migrate is like the right to religion.Obtaining it affects your purpose.It is hope!In honor of those who cant move to safety or whose journey is controled;I close my eyes and on you curse the beautiful disguise of a bird. LINA.A

Anonymous said...

The right to migrate automatically made me think of birds. We are free as the birds, and are entitled to migrate as we desire.Everyone migrates to there ability, they go places where they feel is secure for them and their families.

Anonymous said...

In some countries there are many shelters for people who migrate, there is help available to them. The problem is mainly how they are welcomed and treated, most of the time they are treated poorly, or beaten and sometimes even killed by extremists. The need to migrate is an unavoidable reality many people face in our world, a way to solve it would be to open up to each other, our cultures, relations with other countries, and many other things that hold us down can be fixed. To fix these things we got to learn how to manage the people that manage us, because while the good are left in the dust, the wicked masked to deceive us get their way.

Anonymous said...

I would not be in the United States if my ancestors had not immigrated. I could not be happier that my ancestors choose to risk everything for a chance at a better life. I am truly blessed to have the opportunities earned by my great grandmothers and grandfathers. I sometimes wonder where I would be if they had not taken the risk.

Anonymous said...

Everybody should have the right to migrate. Most of the times migrating means the pursued of freedom or the search for a better future. Not having this right is like closing the doors to individuals in need of change.There are so many people that migrate with one though in mind, to provide their children with at least the basic needs. Migration of course has to be regulated to maintain the country's security, but many times society confuses the purpose of regulations and assumes the position of denial to diversity.

Anonymous said...

The right to migrate is linked to the right to self determination.An individual has the right to determine where they want to live. I think we should stop thinking that earth is in particular property of a nation. Planet Earth is property of the human race, and all living thing in it. Migration needs to be allowed without boundaries.

Anonymous said...

The goal in life is survival no matter who you are or where you are from. The motto is you only live once. We only have one life to live, we have to try to make it last as long as we can.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. As an immigrant myself, migrating may be one of the most challenging situations I have encounter. Luckily I came to the U.S. at the age of 15 and adapting to the culture was not as difficult as to those who are already adults. Majority of immigrants will appreciate the opportunities provided at the new location and seek improvement in all areas, from personal to positively contributing as a member of the hosting nation. Those who think otherwise may be just ignorant or reluctant to reality, or hide behind stereotypes to justify their failures.


Anonymous said...

Of course there is right to security so therefore, there has to be a right to migration. It is reasonable to want to migrate to another country seeking food, shelter, and opportunities. It is a fact that most people want to live a happy life. Unfortunately there are consequences to migration however, if there was no migration, the world today would be different in many negative ways.-S.S