Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Right to Rest

The Lady Philosopher needs to recharge her frontal lobes.
After 60 plus brainy posts in a span of just a few months,
the brain becomes an irrascible mix of
                                 s ca  tt er ed,
unnnnconntrolll able

Thus, I declare the Right to Rest for all beings.

I will return in a couple weeks at the beginning of May!
Come back and comment!


michelle said...

I AGREE WITH THIS. everyone should have the right to rest because without it, our brains would be fried. people need time to rest and relax. I think we would all be walking zombies if we never get the chance to sit down in a beach and enjoy a cosmo.

Anonymous said...

The Right to Rest is essential to our bodies. If we do not rest, we are not getting the proper nutrients our body requires. A recent study suggests that long hours at work are harming our mental health psychologically and emotionally. Jonathan Scales, a research lecturer at the Health and Social Services Institute in Britain, observed that “there is evidence that working long hours over a long period of time is raising stress levels and reducing emotional well being”. A person needs to take a break once in a while to recharge those batteries. I know that when I have been worked too hard, I do not rationalize the same. I take a break and call it a night and the next day I am like new. Rest is definitely needed!

Jenny said...

I definitely agree with this right! Rest can be defined as a physical state characterized by minimal practical and metabolic activities. Today's society is always on "the go" and we must take time out of our busy schedules and Rest; from a simple bubble bath, to reading a book. The right to rest is a universal right that is commonly overviewed and not taken seriously. Rest, is achieved through different methods and its associated to similar terms, all of them taking part into this magnificent, and so necessary process. Through rest we eliminate routine, stress, depression and other different stages that tend to overwhelm and own our daily lives. Periods of leisure, like vacations and times off, catching some needed sleep or relaxation methods all do conform an ideal right of rest. The right to rest makes us put everything aside, and rise and shine to a new us every single time.


Espy said...

This is a right that everyone would agree on. The body and the mind needs to rest. Your body may be rested but if you have been stressing or have had a lot of things on your mind, this will ultimately reflect on your body.

Esmeralda A said...

We all need to have the right to rest. Rest is something that is vital for our body and health. Without rest, we would not function properly. Rest also helps relieve some of our stress. EA

Anonymous said...

I agree with this right; but a day or two of rest is all I need. Once something becomes fun it turns into a routine. We don’t need rest from fun. Posting is fun however; those that need rest hope to read your post soon. Gary Norris

Terrance Carter said...

This may be the most important right of them all, the right to rest. Resting gives the whole body an opportunity to build up again. Without rest, fatigue has a strong chance at taking control of the mind.

Ingrid J. said...

Ah! rest, how sweet the word sounds. I live alone and just being in my space is rest, no commotion, no chaos, that is rest to me. Rest is a mind thing and everyone should have a right to it. Hey Gary, I need a rest from posting, but I will be back in May.

Nicole said...

The right to rest is often forgotten. The right to rest is the opportunity to stop racing through the day and just enjoy the peacefulness around us. The right to rest is a right that I will be enjoying once this semester is over. To enjoy our surroundings and grow another appreciation for it, comes with the right to rest.

-Nicole Chaplin-

Anonymous said...

This by far is my favorite post. I absolutely, totally, and all the other synonyms of those words, agree and love this right. The right to rest gives you the power to recharge yourself and become a new person. When you are exhausted that is the worst feeling, but being able to rest brings back all your senses. You are able to function 100 times more when you rest and give time to your body. I am definitely taking a nice long rest after this semester so that when fall comes back around I'll have double the energy. Enjoying the time given to rest is by far the best time to sit back and enjoy life. Thus, I say to all beings, may you always have the right to rest and enjoy it!

RV said...

Just like the Lady Philosopher we all need break so thanks God for the end of the semester. I too will be using my right to rest until May. Good luck to all and keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Resting is always a great thing; it helps you to relax and look at things with a fresher mind after taking a few seconds away from situations. There’s nothing like a well, good deserved, break from anything. I too declare the right to rest, after all these postings I think we all do.

Anonymous said...

I think that we should all have the opprtunity to rest when it presents itself. If we don't take this opprotunity then our body's wouldn't function correctly. Like some people said, I will be resting once this semester is over. I had a wonderful experience. Thank you

Francisco A.

Anonymous said...

The right to rest should be granted to all people who desire to partake in the event. Rest is a necessity that the mind, soul and body craves for. Without rest a person begins to function abnormally, unable to perform the most simple of task. Also if the body is deprived of rest the mind will then naturally take over and force the body to rest in order to preserve a person’s life.


deltoroclaudia46 said...

The lady philosopher has done a great job on her post. It has made everyone open their eyes and see different aspects of life we never thought of. I do think she deserves a right to rest just like all of us that have kept up with her post and those of us who have been writing papers on the different rights. Everyone has the right to rest without rest we would be undesirably moody and cranky. I know I would be! You’re a great lady philosopher!

Patty. D said...

We all need to rest, too much overtime can kill our neurons. Anything we do for living, work, sports, study, etc, has to be controlled with some rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for this right. There's nothing wrong with a little r and r. It gives us time to recharge the batteries and stay sharp mentally as well as physically.

Eddie M.

Anonymous said...

What can I say; we all needs some rest from this hectic lifestyle in the U.S. Below is a report that I found interesting about the right to rest around the world. Check it out. One last thing, I want to thank you Lady Philosopher for opening my mind to many possibilities.
This is one of those shocking lists that show how exploitative the US system of labor is.

Legally required minimum leave by country:
Australia As of 27 March 2006, 20 work days (4 weeks). 2 weeks can be "sold" to employer. Additional Long service leave is also payable. 10 public holidays as well are payable to employees.
Austria 5 weeks
Belgium 20 days, premium pay
Brazil 30 consecutive days after 1 year employment, of which 10 can be sold back to the employer
Bulgaria 20 working days
Chile 15 working days
Colombia 15 working days for every year, vacations can be accumulated for up to 4 years (up to 60 working days of vacations)
China 11 working days.
Czech Republic 4 weeks
Denmark 25 work days
Estonia 28 calendar days
European Union at least 4 weeks, more in some countries
Ecuador 14 days
Germany 4 working weeks
Greece 20 working days or more depending on the years in the company
Guatemala 2 working weeks
Hong Kong 7 days[2]
Hungary 20 working days (increasing up to 30 with age)
Iceland 24 days[3], not including 13 official holidays.
Iran 4 weeks
Israel from 10 working days for the first year to 24 days for 14-th year and on, not including official holidays, sick leave, etc.
Italy 20-32 working days (exact amount depends on contract details), plus 12-13 public holidays.
Kazakhstan 24 calendar days[6]
Latvia 4 weeks
Lithuania 28 calendar days [7]
Netherlands 4 weeks
New Zealand 4 weeks as of April 1, 2007, plus 11 paid public holidays.
Norway 25 working days
Pakistan 15 working days
Paraguay 14 days
Peru 14 days
Portugal 22 working days, up to 25 without work absences in previous year.
Puerto Rico 15 days
Russia 28 calendar days, plus 12 public holidays[8]
Saudi Arabia 30 days
South Africa 21 consecutive days
Spain 30 calendar days
Sri Lanka 28 Working Days - 14 Maximum Annual, 7 Casual and 7 Sick Leave [9]
Sweden 25 work days minimum
Switzerland 28 calendar days (= 20 work days)
Tanzania 28 calendar days
Turkey 12 work days
Tunisia 30 work days
Ukraine 24 calendar days
United Kingdom 5.6 weeks (28 work days), including 8 public holidays[10]
United States none”

Anonymous said...

Definitely, the Right to Rest is something everybody enjoys at the end of every semester when you get home from work and you don't have homework to do or a test to study for. Laura R.

Janet Almonte said...

According to Journey to Wellness, “With proper rest and relaxation our circulation is enhanced, stress is instantly reduced, and we have a more positive attitude and enhanced mental function.” This can calm our thoughts and improve our focus. Additionally, relaxation can lift our moods and often can help us to feel happier. Finally, a well rested mind and body, stimulates our imagination. Our creativeness is one of those things that become stronger the more we focus on it; however, stress and hectic life styles can disconnect us from the creative potential within us. When one stops rushing and sets aside ones worries, one can create a pleasant environment in which you can thrive.

Miglaude said...

After a long, hard work, it is time to relax. Relaxation it is what we need after have been worried. This break will ensure that we obtain the rest that we deserve and necessitate and we will come back to work more enthusiastic and imaginative.

Anonymous said...

AMEN =D... resting should be a self-imposed right. At least if you want anything decent transmitting in my brain and to my mouth, does anyone agree? haha. -- KB

Anonymous said...

Finally, the right I was waiting for!!! After a very intense semester we all need to make use of our right to rest. I agree with this right and believe everyone should have it. GS

Anonymous said...

We should forward this blog entry to every manager in the world. I am a perfect example of this. My manager sometimes forgets that I have a life other than work. When I do not rest, I break down. When I break down it is as if I am a zombie. I start shaking, my eyes get red with dark circles, and occasionally I cry. We all need to rest to keep our sanity intact.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree! We all deserve the Right to Rest, whether it is after a long day at work or a stressful semester. I think that the Lady Philosopher and her students have had a wonderful experience engaging in topics that many have never been aware of and therefore deserve a period of rest. A moment in time where one can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather! I look forward to seeing future posts and hearing what everyone has to say. -v.p

TrustMeImADoctor said...

You deserve the rest as does everyone who puts in effort to get through this long bust suprisingly fast semester. Rest does allow us to charge our "batteries" and as a result we are more alert and provide better responses to any problem we face.

Rhonda said...

Definitely this is the best right yet. The right to rest is certainly one of my favorites. Everyone deserves the right to rest. I have to tell this to my spouse all the time. I go to work and it's hectic all day, then I go to school four nights a week, go home and he wants me to cook among other things. I believe I should have the right to rest somewhere in there. Everyone should have the right to rest. Rest relieves stress and stress kills. Stress and lack of rest leads to high blood pressure and other health related issues.

Pedro said...

Everyone needs rest to recover from a long day at work. The main characteristic of rest are sleep,relaxing,and peace. The Right to Rest is for society and all its citizens to recover from a hard day of work. With rest people are more stable and function better. P.L

Luisa Isla said...

Rest brings everything back in its place; it is a gift to our bodies. Especially having all the added benefits you receive from it, there is no excuse for turning it down. And after all these insightful posts, the right to rest just seems like the appropriate way to cool off until the next postings.

Luz Mery said...

AMEN to this post. We do need the right to rest. After all the work that has been done this semester the brain is in need of rest. Just relaxing and not worrying about having to study for a test or write papers sounds great for me. It has been rough managing work, kids and school my battery was overcharged and is in need of rest.

Anonymous said...

The right to rest is very important as everyone at some point or another deserves to take a break and whine down from everything at times if not you could reach a breaking point and blow like a hot steam. – D.T

Anonymous said...

Resting is part of our body healing process. It is the time when our body and mind get the chemicals they need to work well. We need the right to rest!

Claudia B.

kevin0121 said...

I agree with this post, we need to rest. Without it our bodies wouldn't function properly and we will be less happy in life because we would be always tired.

Anonymous said...

If we didn't need to rest we wouldn't have the desire to sleep or actually fall asleep in the first place. To ignore our body's demands to rest is neglect and bad self care.


Johana said...

Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.

Anonymous said...

People in other parts of the world, do have rest. I believe that people in America think that they can achieve great things without rest. Which is incorrect because there will come a time were the body won't be able to take anymore and crash. Therefore I believe we should all take seiesta once in a while.

Alexis Herrero said...

I absolutely agree with the right to rest. Our bodies naturally shut-down after an x amount of time of being up and running. Wether it comes to working or school, our bodies and minds need to rest in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Rest is essential to the conditioning of the mind, body, and spirit.

Anonymous said...

Resting is part of our bodies needs, and it definitely should be a right due to the fact that it’s a body necessity. Even though not everyone is able to do it when they want to, but at sometime they have to do it, otherwise they body will react in a bad way. It’s a right that everyone gets to exercise it everyday.


Anonymous said...

I agree with this right people should be able to relax themselves. It is not only good for us, but it is something that our body needs to work in a good way. I think this right is related to our health, so we might be able to take time of our lives to rest when our bodies need it.


Anonymous said...

The right to rest is one of many rights given to man by God. Everyone has to rest to restore their energy. From a medical point of view, the body needs and demands rest to re-charge and to do work the next day. It has been shown by medical research that a body that doesn’t sleep well is more prone to stress and high blood pressure. Stress and high blood pressure lead to stroke and heart attack. These are symptoms of an unhealthy body. Rest is a good for the body and for a healthy life style. By: L.J.B.R.

Adrian del Pino said...

I completely agree. Everyone has the right to rest. For example, you recharge batteries when they die, after they have done their job. Same goes for people. We rest because we have worked through out the day and our bodies start losing energy, concentration, and the will to work anymore. So we sleep, nap, or rest to regain all we have used to live every day of our lives.