Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Right to Law

All beings have the Right to Law.

Rights should come before laws.
That is, a law protects a right.
As Calvinist pastor, Jean-Paul Rabaut Saint-Etienne,
wrote in 1787 to the king of France: 
 “The time has come when it is no longer acceptable for a law
to overtly overrule the rights of humanity that are very well known all over the world.” 

But as Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in 1963, this problem still existed:
 "There are two types of laws: just and unjust...
An unjust law is a man-made code that is out of harmony with the moral law."
Our natural rights must come before law,
and all laws should be made to respect these, first and foremost.

Laws make it possible to enforce rights.
International law is the most ideal way to enforce rights, which really
belong to everyone equally, but it is difficult to get
all countries to agree to specific laws.

Laws are set in writing.
Writing makes laws exist.

Since humans write laws, most laws are written with the human species in mind.
It is hoped that, in the future, some laws will be made specifically for the security
of more species, such as animal and plant rights.
As stated above, "All beings have the Right to Law."

The Right to Law is supported by the Right to Accountability.

Revision: thanks to commenter T.L.


Anonymous said...

America has always been known as a free country, yet some are not free to come here because of laws.

Does law benefit some more than others?


Mr.Drama said...

I agree. We should have other species in mind when writing these laws. But the fact of the matter is that the judicial system i believe is a bit flawed, For example; Let’s say you’re Being accused of murder, The evidence is there, witnesses have testified on the board, and their testimony's clearly show that the man convicted of murder is guilty. All These things have little effect because if the defense attorney can sway the jury then the obviously guilty man will become a free man, escaping from his immoral actions. Many innocent people have gone to prison as well, it works vice versa.
The right to law is a promising Goal, But how can we have Justice if "The Jester sings for the king and queen" (Billy Joel).

Anonymous said...

I am confused by the position, is the perception of the blog to state that laws should be created to protect humanity? Or is the international law statement insinuating that this would be ideal for the world as a whole? Or are we discussing the inclusion of "more"species such as animal rights? I am taking the position of the first perception. Some laws are created for the benefit of big business, big money, and influenced by those with power. One of our current Republican candidates, Rick Santorum, insinuated he would repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. The inclusion of people with disabilities is currently in jeopardy in Tallahassee, and by that I mean, Institutionalizing them, therefor loosing their right to freedom. Are these particular minority groups in jeopardy of loosing their civil and human rights because of the beliefs and laws of those with big money? Are laws and policies being overlooked for the sake of those with more power? I am a believer of equal rights and justice for ALL and laws should be created by a diverse group that believe in the protection of ALL humanity. T.L.

Anonymous said...

Laws are established to serve as a protection for all mankind.
Unfortunately, at times those with the responsibility to make sure the law is being implement are the ones causing corruption. -yem

Anonymous said...

I agree with the right to law. All people should have their rights protected by the law. But what if some laws are illogical. One example of a ludicrous law in Florida, "It is illegal to sell your children." Or "It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit." Now, it goes without saying, no one person should have the right to sell another person, especially a child, however it's a law so obviously someone actually tried. As for singing while wearing a swim suit, that really does not seem to be worthy of being called illegal. And as I stated above, rights should be protected by the law, but law need to be better thought up.

For more crazy law visit


Anonymous said...

I concur with the right to law. All beings should have rights that protect them. Unfortunately, animals and plants have no audible voice to be heard and often go unprotected from humans. I can only hope that law makers actually use common sense while figuring out what the people, animals and nature need to live without endangerment or extinction. Until then, vote intelligently and be sure not to put any phony promise makers into office. If there are any.

Anonymous said...

The right to law is a very interesting subject in terms of what it means to us all. People have come to belief that law is a way of being that shapes our personality. Laws are just sustained rules that are enforced to keep society humane and civilized, therefore they should not be broken. Many people take it much further than rules and manifest it as something that should be enforced on other countries, or people of different beliefs. Laws are just rules meant to be followed within a working community, each community have their own laws with a supreme set of laws reigning over it and ways of being, which in my opinion, should be respected and not tarnished by those who want to overstep their boundaries.

Anonymous said...

If we did not have laws society would have no order. People need laws to conform to. Laws give us a sense of direction and most of all, a peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

The Right to law made me think of how all exsisting carries good and bad.If it is not a right tempting to cross the borderline of a law, it is a law holding more power than a right.Laws establish peace and order. However,these same laws step over our rights.Our society, our world doesnt need 1,000 intelligent humans making laws, but countless different learners with an open mind to touch them.

Anonymous said...

The law is a joke. As stated, it is written by human minds,so as an individual my mind doesn't think as person whom is writing these laws just to benefit one class, one species and environment. The laws should be an input of society and its voice.

Anonymous said...

Laws were created to show the people "what is right and not right to do”, to set limits.
Unfortunately some individuals with power in this world have created laws that affect others for their personal interests.
My personal opinion is that no law should be more important than rights of human beings.
By. Adolfo Segovia
ENC1102 Sat.8am

Anonymous said...

I agree that the law should have other species in mind. The law is there to protect morals and prevent malice toward others. We have had this happen in numerous contries before. For example in the United States the issue womens right to vote the amendment said man before that. I think that is rediculous because man can be seen as a species and why werent women included in that species? JPG

Fidela said...

The laws must be followed accordingly in order to keep the order and respect among individuals. Those who violate the laws should be held accountable for their behavior, independently their financial, intellectual,or social background. However,unfair enforcement of the law is granted sometimes to those "big shots"-aristocrats,etc., that get away with murder! The more money they have, the more immune from punishment they become. We should follow Dr. MLK teaching's which is to fight against an unjust law.
This will also trickle down to the security of other species as you mentioned, animal and plant rights.

Anonymous said...

Laws are given to make our society run peacefully. If we had no laws our society would be chaos. Unfortunately, laws are taken advantage of and we as a society are sometimes affected because the laws are in the wrong hands.

Anonymous said...

Laws were created to show the people "what is right and not right to do”, to set limits.
Unfortunately some individuals with power in this world have created laws that affect others for their personal interests.
My personal opinion is that no law should be more important than rights of human beings.

Anonymous said...

It is human nature to try to change the environment to work in our favor. Laws are interpretations of the human need to control its surroundings to include ourselves and all species. Nevertheless, laws are necessary to maintain order, society’s values in check and a balance between hedonic and utilitarian approaches.


Anonymous said...

Mohandas Gandhi,a leader from India,said:"There is an orderliness in the universe, there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives. It is no blind law; for no blind law can govern the conduct of living beings." Therefore,natural laws already exist in planet Earth. Us, the human race, have to make laws to protect species in this planet from ourselves. Humans brake natural laws that already exist, only to form new laws that harm the environment and living things around us. Yes, more laws need to be created to protect other living species on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Can all countries come together to write laws for all humanity? This seems impossible given our different cultures, religions, and moral systems. What is "right" for one community isn't necessarily right for the next. International law may bring together many nations, but how can you account for those that believe some people don't have any rights? So long as all humanity isn't united through a common moral code, having common laws will never be possible. ALB

Anonymous said...

Laws should be established, followed, and regulated only by geographical location.Laws are a direct representation of its society,since some countries may follow different or no laws and it is still accepted or has become a norm to its population, it is fair to say that such laws may be only utilized to protect moral rights but cannot be standardized throughout the globe.

RCW said...

Rights should structure the form of governments, the content of laws, and the shape of morality as it is currently perceived. Rather tha vice versa. I agree YEM, at times it can be that way but it's up to us as society to stand against those unjust man-made laws, as Dr King calls them.

Bruna said...

Laws are necesary, because otherwise the world would be chaos. But the problem is when the makers of the law become overambitious or the ones that enforce them abuse their power.

SKT said...

Laws for the most part are set to adhere to the people of a specific continent, country, or state. Many laws should not even be written if half the time that law doesn't apply to much people in their lives. For instance, freedom of speech. America stresses that this is the land of the free; whether it be the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of dating out of your race, etc. Most do apply well but freedom of speech was always an iffy law to me because you don't really have the freedom of speech wherever you go. If your in school (Mostly Elementary, Middle, and High School) you do not have the freedom of speech and i dont feel its fair. Same as at work. We are in school or at work most of the time of the week so if we can't have that freedom to speech , what is the purpose of that law ?

Anonymous said...

Law is what keeps things in order; while unjust laws still exist over century’s people have fought to change them. Laws like having the right to own someone as your slave are one of those unjust laws that has changed after so many suffered at the hands of it.