Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Right to Non-Genetically-Modified Foods

A lot of reading here.
It's worth it.

According to the Encyclopedia of Toxicology,
 the World Health Organization defines genetically-engineered organisms as those
 "in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered
in a way that does not occur naturally."
While traditional agricultural practices have for centuries manipulated
breeding or reproduction for desired traits,
current technologies achieve more rapid and dramatic results,
such as crop resistance to insects and more rapid animal growth and milk production.
This is done through a process called transgenic manipulation,
which modifies the genome by insertion or removal of genetic material.
The biggest controversy of this sort of food product
has been genetically-modified (GM) corn, trademarked "Starlink".
Monsanto, a U.S.-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation,
 creates 90% of the world's genetically engineered seeds.
A grassroots campaign, Millions Against Monsanto,
 alleges worldwide problems caused by GM foods including 
non-GM farm contaminations, import-export changes, and lawsuits.
GM crops began in the mid-1990s.
As of 2005, the world’s top five producers of global GM cultivation
—the United States, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, and China—
accounted for 96% of GM crops, more than half of these in the United States.
Big business, lots of money.
Nearly 45% of the corn and 85% of the soybeans grown in the United States
are transgenic, according to the USDA/ERS,
writes researcher Charles W. Schmidt.
Nothing is labeled as such.

photo: Monsanto corn research web page

 In 2009, the International Journal of Biological Sciences
published a scientific study by French researchers concluding that GM corn
 is linked to organ damage in rats, mostly liver and kidney.
The research group published this statement:
"These substances have never before been an integral part
of the human or animal diet
 and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them,
especially over long time periods are currently unknown."

We just don't know.

 Therefore, for all beings, all species,
I declare the Right to Non-Genetically-Modified Foods.


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with the Right to Non-Genetically-Modified Foods. We would have never given a second thought to the consequences that transgenic manipulation pose to us until it directly affected our health. As a result of this type of action, our children's health, as well as our own, is most definitely compromised. We see children going into puberty at quite an early age, being cheated of their right to grow at a normal pace. These products make animals and crops mature and grow at a faster pace than they normally would, so imagine the impact on humans. D. B.

Luz Mery said...

Definetly I agree with the Right to Non-Genetically Modified foods. I believe that is why the United states has so many obessed people and now how many young children we see that are obesse. Any food that is altered to make it grow faster and bigger will always have consequences in the long run.

TrustMeImADoctor said...

I don't think obesity is a direct consequence of genetically modified foods, rather it is a consequence of the society we live in today. Over the past decade "playing outside" has been erased off the "to-do-list". With growing technology and bad eating habits the state of obesity has set upon our society. Although food that has been genetically altered to grow at a faster rate may influence our rapid maturity and play a role in our weight gain. But it is probably the only way our society exists today. Other modifications to crop do include being resistant to bugs and harsh weather that actually help us survive. Our planet has a population of about seven billion people. If Genetically-Modified Foods did not exist we would probably have a famine or severe shortage of food.

Michelle said...

people become obese because they have no control over what they eat. we cannot blame genetically-modified foods for making people over weight, thats like saying forks and spoons make you fat.


Fernanda A said...

I am in agreement with the right to non-genetically-modified foods. I am studying Nutrition and that's the biggest factor in weight gain in America. They inject every food these days with corn or some sort of hormone. That does make you fat believe it or not. You eat thinking there's nothing added, but if you fail to look at the nutrition label that's the first step to weight gain. Anything not coming from the ground isn't healthy for you, hence the modified foods.

Luisa Isla said...

Companies, like GM, seem to find any possible means of enhancing their profit without thinking of the consumer.These genetically modified foods might be more time saving to produce, but altering the DNA of food seems abnormal. Our food should be rich with vitamins and minerals without going through a transgenic process.

deltoroclaudia said...

I do not think that obesity is happening because of genetically motified foods. Like a post before stated playing outside and doing outdoor activities has been erased from our society. Genetically foods may not be as healthy as organic but doing the right exercise and eating moderatly obesity would be decreased.

Esmeralda A said...

I agree with the right to non-gentically-modified foods. We all need to stay healthy to live a good lifestyle.All these genetically foods that we are eating are doing nothing but hurtings silently over time. People need to read more about these products that they buy and realize that some of these products are not not good for them. Organic foods to my knowledge, is healthier and safer to eat. EA

Shivani said...

I agree with the right to non-genetically-modified foods. The United States is a huge business and will do anything in order to keep that business growing. Trying to makes food grow faster is something that goes against with the laws of nature. If you look at the weight of an average american and the weight of someone from central america, the results are astonishing. People in Third World countries grow their foods either in their backyards where they keep an eye on their cultivation or buy it from a farmers market. We live in a country everything is filled with hormones and that is why there is unfortunately so many obese people. It is sad to see how humanity is turning out the way it is because of the food that is being played with. I think we all are going to have to start growing our vegetables and raise chicken in our back yards to have a healthier life!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the right to non-genetically-modified foods. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the US. A healthy diet is the key to a longer life and unfortunatelly in our country trash food is more afordable than healthy foods... Zulima Alvarez

ROB O. said...

I wish that I knew the food I was eating was 100% natural with nothing added and definately not gentically modified. Who knows how much pesticides, chemicals, or other things have contributed to disease ro medical problems.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the right to non-genetically- modified foods, that has contributed and is contributing to a lot of diseases due to the chemicals involved in altering the food's DNA.The problem is that organic food is expensive and not everybody can buy it, and also unless each of us make a little farm in their backyards, it will be almost impossible to feed the whole world with natural food. A less killing way to alter food has to be find. Laura R.

Ingrid J. said...

I agree with the right to non-genetically modified foods , because when we start altering genetic materials in ways that does not occur naturally we are going against the way nature intended, and this spells disaster. If these foods are not labeled as such, how much of these foods have we already eaten? Obesity will not be the only thing killing us but us will be killing us as well.

Anonymous said...

It seems like we no longer are aware of what is in the foods we eat. The corn as mentioned above is being genetically modified by the top producers while consumers continue purchasing the foods. The rise of “organic” products might help reduce the amount of genetically modified crops. Just the thought of hormones injected in our foods sounds absurd. We are paying for foods that might intoxicate or harm us just like the studies showed with the rats. It is unfortunate that companies are more focused on profits than the healthiness of the human body. Therefore I think we all have the right to non-genetically-modified foods.-v.p.

Janet Almonte said...

I know the cases with Monsanto corporation very well! Due to his gentically modified food, there are many farmers who have lost their farms that were from past family generations. In addition, the crops that were once proven perfect have begun to show new problems such as weeds that have never existed; therefore, there is no weed killer known to eliminate these types of weeds and are killing the crops. The worst part is that once you use this corporations' seeds, you are obligated through the law to share profits and are never allowed to use other seeds again in that specific area or else you will be fined. Also, if you have never purchased this seed under the corporations' permission you will also be fined. To top all this off, the foods that are grown in these fields have been known to cause cancer and damage to organs and the scientists who have on their own proven(yes the FDA has not encouraged this) these circumstances have been fired from laboratories and threaten in their communities. One ingredient that is used as a herbicide 2,4-D "Agent Orange" was used in 1965 in South Vietnam which resulted in the killing and disabilities of 400,000 and 500,000 born children with birth defects. Yes Guys, dont buy "Roundup weed killer" because this is one of the ingredients! Possibly the scariest and worst of this all is that the government has been informed and continues to deny such circumstances. This is a right that must be imposed not only to take away the rights of this corporation to soon own every farm in our world, but also to prevent the risks entailed with our health.


Anonymous said...

its sucks that majority of what we eat is genetically modified we complain about it but we still consume them knowing the damages it is doing to our bodies. we should take more action.


Espy said...

Yes most of the things we put in our bodies is genetically modified. It's scary to think that we are putting harmful things into our bodies. What makes it difficult is that stores like Whole Foods, have organic food, but the prices are not welcoming for middle to lower class people.

Anonymous said...

Europe is telling the American Government that they will reject any type of food that is genetically modified.
I do agreed on that particular stand of the EU.

wimberly.rhonda said...

It make me afraid to eat corn after reading this blog. I love corn, but if I thought that I was eating GM corn, I would not eat it. In other words, I agree with the right to non-genetically modified foods. I want to eat foods grown naturally from the farms around the world.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the position of the European Union
on genetically modified food. Therefore, i do agreed on this position and, the closer we are to
nature the closer we are to GOD.

Ismael Delvalle

Anonymous said...

Natural grown foods are the healthiest. If we start tampering with these foods such as corn, it might hurt our health.

Nicole said...

Why alter food? Why alter anything? This is why people face health problems. GM only thinks about dollar signs not Vital signs. What a disgrace.

-Nicole Chaplin-

Anonymous said...

Im totally against genetically modified foods. I remember feeling shocked the first time I read about GM foods and how they were affecting the growth and development of children and changing maturation. We are entitled to clean, healthy food that hasn't been altered.

Anonymous said...

By modifying the foods they are also hurting themselves. They are being money hungry at societies expense.

Anonymous said...

The complete and total consequences in the human body of food that’s being genetically modifies is unknown to us. There could be long term effects that are unaware to us; this is why we should go back to the old ways were food was naturally grown and overall good for us.
-D. Diaz

Lisa said...

The way nature intended should be the only way. When you start messing with nature, things tend to go south. lp

Anonymous said...

I am for people having the right to non-genetically modified foods. Foods should be labeled if they are genetically modified, that way people could make a more informed choice over what they are consuming and Monsanto may not be as motivated to produce genetically modified food if people were choosing not to buy it.

Pedro said...

The U.S. and Europe do not view genetically modified crops the same. Europe labels these products and the U.S. does not. If you ask me if biotechnology took its down fall in the early nineties I'd say yes. P.L

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree; it is a nice idea to have food that is non-Genetically-Modified. Everyone seems to think that organic food is best, but there no science to back this up. With the current growth rate of the world’s population, how are we going to feed all these people? Today’s food is safer than any time in history; the problem is that we have too much to eat. Give a starving person some Genetically-Modified food and see if you have violated their right to all organic. With respect to life span and puberty; we are living longer now than any other time in history and people develop at different rates. Gary Norris

Anonymous said...

These foods should defenately be tested in more animals before we start consuming it. I think the best foods are organic because its the type of food that we know about more.
-Jeiner P

RV said...

Human health should be the top priority and this type of food does not seem to be helping on that, so i agree with the right to Non-Genetically-Modified Foods.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the right to Non-Genetically-Modified Food. Many people in this country are obese because of what is being injected in our food today. Not only do I think it has to do with obesity but also with all health problems that people have encountered. Now a day, everyone has something, either diabetes, high cholesterol, or a weight problem. Unfortunately, I believe that Non-Genetically-Modified food has something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I think that we have the right to decide what we are goint to eat. For this reason big labels should be placed on this kinds of GM food and more information should be displayed about this matter.

Patty. D said...

Yes for this Right! I do believe that we all should know the consequences of consuming Genetically Modified foods. And that is why I love Organic Foods! Its very sad to know that there are still tons of people out there that are not aware of this topic.

Anonymous said...

Genetically modified foods sounds great when scientists mention it can improve the nutritional content of the food it modifies. It sounds great when scientists mention it can prevent loss of an entire crop because they can genetically tweak corn to produce its own pesticides against insects. What I want to know is where are the studies being done on how it affects the humans that are consuming this genetically mastered food.
Ann Marie

Anonymous said...

It’s scary to know that the food we think is healthy has been modified in such a way that can be harmful to our health. The more we mess with nature, the worst it is for us. We all have the right to safe food. GS

Terrance said...

The thought of this is horrific. If this is recognized by the proper authorities as being unconstitutional, why are these companies currently operating? This is another big business attempt to speed up the process that was perfectly designed by our maker. Furthermore, society needs to reject this process and take a step back to go forward.

kevin0121 said...

I agree with the Right to Non-Genetically-Modified Foods. Altering foods can cause many health problems in the future.

Miglaude said...

We persist to accentuate the importance of consuming adequate amounts of fiber rich foods, which means selecting mainly whole grain products rather than highly sophisticated forms, and whole fruits and vegetables rather than juices. Frozen, fresh, canned and dried fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber, as well as a whole multitude of other nutrients. However; the food loses it natural goodness as it moves away from it source. An example of having white bread or processed pasta, is essentially having processed leftovers .The majority of the original goodness in the wheat has been eliminated. A good number foods in usual diets have approximately all their natural nutritional value removed from them as they are practiced. I support the right to non- genetically modified foods at all, because the consequences of modified foods can or already hurt various people.

Anonymous said...

Genetically modified foods do not bring any major benefits comparing to non-genetically modified foods. Therefore I agree with the Right to Non-Genetically-Modified foods,in particular because natural foods have been consumed for as long life exists and no problems have been reported.

Anonymous said...

Non-GM-foods should be the only types of food we should be permitted to eat. Everyday, people make poor choices in what foods they consume and as a result we have become one of, if not the biggest overweight nation. It's sad to say that with all of the information that is readily available to us about nutrition and food's nutritional value we STILL continue to make poor choices. Unfortunately, many of these choices are due to what is fast and readily available to fit our speedy and demanding lifestyle. We must become aware of all the toxins that are going "into" our bodies and change them into beneficial fuels that will aide us in maintaining a well balanced life and health.


Anonymous said...

There’s no more perfect example than Monsanto. Numerous documentaries and research stories on this topic like 'The Corporation' and 'The World According to Monsanto' are an eye opener and after watching and learning I can't agree more to the right of non genetically modified foods. – D.T

shan said...

I agree with the Right to Non-Genetically-Modified foods. However,I think that all of society should shop at places like Whole Foods or buy food out of the organic section in the supermarkets. This is a way to stay healthy.

Rosa F. said...

The fact that our species is willing to harm some of our kind just because of how efficient it is to genetically modify foods, and how much money we'll be getting from it, is truly unnerving. --Rosa F.